Announcing The Great Kaimai Speed Challenge

The Kaimai Speed Challenge has been designed as a fun, friendly competition that is easy for anyone to participate in. Everything has been made as simple as possible. Any glider is welcome to enter. There is only one task. The start, finish and turn points are easily identifiable so you don't need a GPS. The weather doesn't need to be perfect as we use the main part of the ridge.

What are the goals? To encourage new pilots to try a task for the first time, perhaps in a twin with an instructor. To allow experienced pilots to improve their racing skills. Pilots can practice using loggers and GPS devices. But primarily the goal is to have fun, safely, with as few hassles as possible.

The challenge has been designed by David Jensen with help from Tim Bromhead and Edouard Devenoges, and the support of the Matamata Soaring Centre. Edouard will be the official scorer, and the new Matamata Soaring Website will be the official website of the challenge.

See the challenge webpage for full details.