Kaimai Speed Challenge

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To submit your results send to Edouard at gnzawards@xtra.co.nz to be scored.

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How fast can YOU fly 100kms???
Come and find out…


  • Have fun
  • Achievable task, any QGP rated pilot should be able to finish
  • Reduced possibility of land-outs
  • Increase pilots speed on task
  • Low cost
  • Possible NZ record

Date and Venue

  • Matamata Airfield
  • Track logs will be accepted at another time during this period
  • A Go or No Go will be posted on the website on Friday morning depending on the forecast weather
  • Tow charges pilots responsibility


  • Kaimai Road Crossing to Tirohia spur & return
  • Distance – 100.7kms
  • Suitable for a NZ out & return record attempt
  • No controlled airspace required
  • All on the ridge
  • Simple scoring procedure


The rules are made to be as simple as possible. The contest will be open to all gliders and all pilots. All that is required is a logger.
  1. Any glider, anytime and any pilot.
  2. No classes, gliders will be handicapped based on the BGA handicap list.
  3. Loggers will need to met the same standard as required in Regional Contests
  4. Multiple track logs will be accepted for either the glider or a pilot or both…therefore a club glider can be used by a number of club pilots during the day.
  5. Start height not above 3000ft.
  6. Start line is 2.5km in radius. Note a start line that wide won't be valid for a record.
  7. Maximum height on task not above 4500ft...or else you'll bust airspace.
  8. Water ballast allowed.
  9. Day prizes only for those who fly on the day.
  10. A running score will be kept during the spring which will allow pilots to fly the task from other launch sites or on other days and submit by e-mail to the scorer.
  11. Contest Director’s decision is final
  12. Gliders must have current CoA, and parachute.

Contact David Jensen, Tim Bromhead or Eduoard Devenoges for any more information.

Keep in mind the NZ record is 163kph for a Standard Class glider, 172kph for an Open Class glider, 108kph for a World Class and there isn’t one for a Female 15meter glider. So it should be a breeze to beat these…

PDF of the task
Speed Challenge SeeYou Task