XCountry Course October 2019


26th - 30th October 2019 @ Matamata Aerodrome

Includes Labour Weekend and the following Tuesday and Wednesday.
The format:
Each participant brings a single-seat glider prepared for cross-country flight (trailer, pickets, PLB etc).  The MSC will approach club committees to request two-seat gliders with cross-country rated instructors.  The idea is that you'll fly alternate days in your single and a two seater, so you can get some coaching, and then apply it.  This means about half the course participants will fly solo on the first day - so we'll need you to bring that mindset, or be clear that you're not quite ready, but will be on day 2!  Glider hire rates and insurance conditions are set by the clubs who provide the gliders; you'll need to accept the conditions (including any insurance excess) before flying.  The Matamata Soaring Centre administers collection of flying fees on behalf of the clubs, but does not set the conditions.
Course starts Friday evening of the long weekend, with glider rigging, a meal together, followed by the mandatory presentation on paddock selection and landouts.
After that, each day will consist of breakfast and glider preparation before a lecture (topic varies daily) and briefing (airfield and safety briefing on day 1; weather and task daily).  Then, you'll have some time to prepare for your flight, grab some lunch, and get ready for launch early afternoon.  You'll be set a task that we have cunningly devised to be achievable, but challenging.  Some of us will land out, others will get home and then go on retrieves, so you'll be exposed to both sides of cross-country outcomes.
Each evening, we'll have a catchup about the day's lessons, could be around the bar, over dinner, or after.  Usually, everyone has had a big day, so we don't schedule evening activities other than rest.
Meals will be catered, so you don't have to leave the airfield in search of food; we've found this provides better opportunities to talk about your day, and to hang out with our group.  You may self-cater if you wish, using the Campground kitchen (the clubhouse kitchen will be occupied and busy). 
Accommodation is available in the bunkhouse (remember the Matamata Soaring Centre owns the bunkhouse, which is intended to make life easier for pilots visiting Matamata airfield) and you are free to stay and eat wherever you choose.
Minimum Experience Required:
QGP OR Signed letter from CFI supporting paddock landing abilities. Get in touch if you have any questions!
David Moody dmoody365@gmail.com